Enduring to the End and Making Your Dream Happen

With the Killers Mask from Cider Springs Slaughter

James Duval with the Killers Mask from Cider Springs Slaughter a Continuum Motion Pictures horror film

I have been doing this many years now and in all honesty it has taken me longer to get to where I am. I do not know if where I am is actually very important in life terms. I do know that I can look back and recall every decision that has brought me to the point that a company I helped start has accomplished and is accomplishing things. We have made some movies, we have help get many filmmakers films out and are continuing to do so. I think i can give credit in particular to one decision. I am responsible for my dream. 

Like many of you I have chosen to be a filmmaker. I have had a similar journey to many people I have spoken to. There really has not been any thing special about my journey. I have simply chosen never to stop off the path of that journey no matter what. I have spoken recently to a few filmmakers who have consider giving up. I have hear the term that this business is “bullshit” or “nothing is ever real”. I can’t say I have had that experience as I think we have tendency to over generalize  what is occurring to us. If we give our displeasure a vague label, then there is nothing ever to solve, and we are always right in our failure. I like specifics. The hardest part of the journey has not actually been in getting funding for a film, or writing that winning script, or even production. It has always been people. As I continued my dialogue with the filmmakers wanting to quit, I found that when I pushed, there difficulty was the same. The difference is they were letting their experience with people stop them, while I think I can say honestly we have tried to learn from our experience and in the end choose to work with better people. 

Others should not have the power to push you from your dream, no matter what they say or do. Oh and they will say much, spin little truths in big lies and stand their in their spot light thinking they have done an amazing thing in hurting you. All I can say is you must be very important for someone to dedicate their time to hurt you or stop you. If you are that important you are probably close to success. So I have learned to smile and take the most difficult thing in the business — the people  and smile. 

Choose who you surround yourself carefully and know that you will have to deal with people who turn out to be as my son would say butt heads. Don’t let them dissuade you from your dream. YOU are important and what you are doing will turn out amazing, if you simply do not give up.

The company I helped co-found Continuum Motion Pictures is doing fun things. We hope to be able top share in the fun. Believe in your journey.

James Duval


Continuum Pictures: James Duval: Danny Torres: Ocean Front Property: A Way to Laugh

Ocean Front Property written/starred/directed by Joseph Neibich, produced by Continuum Pictures producer James Duval, Danny Torres.

Ocean Front Property: A Way to Laugh-Continuum Pictures.

Written/Directed /Starred in by Jospeh Neibich
Starring Suzette Tomlinson as Miss Jane Holly

Produced by James Duval and Danny Torres
Continuum Pictures

James Duval at age 12 Continuum Pictures, producer of Ocean Front Property directed by Joseph Neibich

At age 12 I dreamed of making movies. It was not possible in Alaska where I grew up. No one had cameras and video did not exist really. As a Continuum Pictures Producer, I have had the chance to produce films like Ocean Front Property which was written and directed by Joseph Neibich. Since I was a kid I have have believed in dreams. Now much older I am very proud of our recent films like Ocean Front Property, Mano a Mano, and Taught in Cold Blood. I am proud of my producing team Danny Torres, Mark Lillig, Tyler Ross, Scott Hayman and Richard Scott. Only dedicated people can make a film. For more on Ocean Front Property and its director Joseph Neibich who starred in the film as well. Press on the link above.

I want to also thank Suzette Tomlinson who was brilliant under  very difficult circumstances  as the lead in the film.