2014 And Going Strong

I personally had the chance to spend the beginning of 2014 with my family. This was a rare event for me. I am usually spending most of my time here in California working either to get a film made or to get a film out. Lately I have been spending much of my time with social media. Why well it is the age of meanness to some degree. People read something online and well it must be true. It has become such and issue that I believe it was an ATT commercial that talked about some girl believing her date was French because she read it on the internet. With the lack of honesty in advertising or action these days any company has to prepare for the inevitable bad info on the net. I try not to focus on this too much instead focus on positive things. Like my family and the success of my two sons. The success of our company Continuum Motion Pictures, but at times it just is honestly hard.

I can say this. Filmmaking like high school has its good moments and its bad. It has its bullies as well as the kids who stand up for the other kids. And it has it gossip, and the internet gives free reign for people to believe lies and half truths.

So here is a statement: I love making movies. I love helping others make movies and honestly I am pretty good at it. I love getting movies out and we are definitely good at that and getting better. I am fortunate, the intelligent and the professional seem to recognize this.

At times like many of you I do get depressed working with people or sometimes against the efforts of not nice people, but it keeps it clear to me, to quote a wonderful teacher and mentor in my life Bonnie Gartshore “Cowards destroy and you don’t strike me as a coward.” I see a lot of bravery in filmmakers trying to do the impossible. I rarely see cowards. I hope I never become one.

Make your movies and make your dreams happen. No one can stop you no matter your past or what people may assume is your past. Your friends will stick by you and if not, well we all know what that means, they were not your friends. When you succeed there will be those who talk about “how you got there” and why they have not and then there will be those that simply respect you. Be good to yourselves and most important be kind and gentle with yourselves. There is quite a bit of love out there, plug into it and BELIEVE

James Duval


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