An Effort to Reclaim My Time: Continuum Pictures and Social Networking

With the Killers Mask from Cider Springs Slaughter

With the Killers Mask from Cider Springs Slaughter

James Duval Continuum Pictures: After years of being on the internet, I think the difficulties that I am having are actually more than norm, than unique to me. I do not  know anyone who is  really able to keep up with the expected flow of information that we are now supposed to share with the world. Because of this, I think most people are as ineffective as I am when it comes to the net and social networking.

Like everyone else i have multiple blog sites, emails, and social sites like facebook and linkedin. I left facebook a while back not because it did not work, but in some sense because it worked to well. It was great for keeping in contact with everyone. But as your contacts grow so does the flow of information, emails, messages , etc… Now as a producer i have two sets of  social networking obligations, personal and company. I found that I was not effective with either. I was able to obtain thousands of contacts, but to what avail. It is not like setting down with a person and having a cup of coffee. When you write a blog, there is no discussion, what you write is what you feel. And what you write has legal ramifications as well. When you have a conversation, you can discover how you feel as well as how the person you are talking to feels as well. There is very little discovery in social networking. I think people realize this and thus spend most of their time on the net grand standing and shouting out to the world, what they have accomplished or what they are doing.

This frustrates me and I know that it frustrates others as well, but it is now expected. You are no one if you are not on the net. Now this presents another problem. The net is filled with not nice people who, because somehow you did not make their dreams happen, or you disagreed with them, no say “SHIT” about you or other people. Being on the net is like being in high school again. The maturity level is not good.  It is a place where truth is twisted and weak minds buy into it.

Continuum Motion Pictures Producer

Continuum Motion Pictures Producer

So being on the net is often times not fun. We may actually be entering into a time where the first amendment actually hurts us more than it helps us. The internet is much like putting a loaded gun in everyones hands. We have seen this many times in the news lately, where people often posing as anonymous, or as someone else, have driven people and kids to suicide by what they have written there. Maybe free speech like a gun has legal responsibilities. Somehow people and the companies that provide them with a platform need to be held accountable.

So on this day, I have begun the process of eliminating some of the excessive numbers of sites I am involved with. No more facebook, and I am now giving google plus a serious look at also. Though I think I should learn how to use it before I quit it.  I am now consolidating my blogs to a single sites.

I know many of you want to do the same. I am trying to make a list of what I want to accomplish on the net, setting criteria and hopefully choosing a formula that allows me to really share, versus just grand standing and shouting like well most of us. I look forward to maybe telling people actually how to finance a movie, or finish a film. Maybe I can find time to talk about how our company has grown or dealt with the angry and frustrated along the way.  Maybe I can be candid, and form an opinion and then have it changed by someone else. That would be nice.

Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for being good people. Maybe we can find a way to sit and reason together.

James Duval
Continuum Motion Pictures


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