The Help – A film That Has Something to Say

I love movies. I have always loved movies. Tonight as I had the opportunity to watch The Help, I remember why I love movies. I understand explosions and robots. I love space ships and the battles that go with them.
The Help reminds us of a time when we saw things in lines, lines between colors, cultures and people.  It was great, no it was wonderful to watch a film like the help that reminds us of the struggle to overcome and walk past the lines.
God says: “We need to lover our enemies”… “We can start by telling the truth.”
I know not many people read my blogs: But most people watch movies. We cannot keep drawing lines in the world we live in. We cannot look upon each other with hatred and division. We are one people and we are all important.
We will never be free as long as one’s freedom is sacrificed to our fears, our lines. 
Recently my country, the USA has passed laws to make it clear that freedom and justice is no longer an American idea. We now live in an age of indefinite detention, rights to fair hearings and in general the presumed Constitutional protections are no longer important. 
This can only result in more lines, lines that bind us. I can only hope for more films like The Help, to remind us of how bad it was, so that we can see how bad it is.
James Duval

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