Continuum Pictures: The Dynamic Duo Danny Torres and Jason Durdon will give you Shivers.

Jason Durdon & Danny Torres

As Cider Springs Slaughter (formerly The Absents) begins its roll out, Continuum Pictures Studios now located on the Parmount lot, is gearing up for its next feature film Shivers. This vampire/action feature is to be directed by both Danny Torres, CEO of Continuum Pictures Studios, and Jason Durdon, CEO of Filmplane Entertainment.

Danny Torres CEO Continuum Pictures

Danny and Jason have been working together since the inception of Cider Springs Slaughter. They first met on a William Branden Blinn production, Thirteen or So Minutes, that went on to win in festival and play in many festivals around the world. Since that first production as producers, they have had a unique ability to set ego aside and work together as shared visionaries.

Recently, they co-directed the Zombie film Sirens, which will be released in 2012 on a Zombie Compilation called Zombie Chronicles. This shared experience, brings a powerful for to the production of Shivers.

Production on Shivers will begin late January 2012. In October 2011 Danny Torres lead Continuum Pictures Studios through negotiations which ended with the financing of three features, with Shivers being the first of these production.

Shortly after the completion of shooting on Shivers, the Jason Durdon directed Cider Springs Slaughter will release on VOD and DVD. Check out the trailer included in this post.

– James Duval –


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