Continuum Pictures and the Future – 2012 and Onward a Personal Perspective

The Future and Continuum Pictures – 2012 and Onward

Dir. Jason Durdon, Prod. Danny Torres

I always want to start these blogs out like a spy novel where you are never sure where the story is going to end up. For me this always seems more appropriate than a straightforward approach to explaining the journey. I always know who the good guys are and am almost always surprised who turns out to be the bad guys. There is always the internal struggle amongst the team as to which direction to go, and even though I don’t know how, the good guys seem to always end the novel, the winners.

Continuum Pictures journey has been much like that. Somehow even though we struggle to understand the why of the silly events of each day, it almost always adds up to a win. And when it does not, after a while we are grateful for the understanding that it is not always best to get what you want.
Last year (2011) was quite the year. As always we began it with great difficulty and impending doom. We were stuck in production and post, still trying to move into some business model that made sense. We had stuck to our business plan, as we always do and it seemed to be taking us forward, even if painfully.
We had accrued a few haters along the way as well. And an understanding about why some people even friends don’t make it. People seem to think this is supposed to be easy, or that their personal agendas are more important than the group agenda. Even the word “nice” had to be redefined for us. December further clarified this for us.
I personally learned that people do not understand silence, that seem to think it is a form of agreement, when it really is a form of  “I can’t really tell you what I think because my mother raised me not to say such mean things.” Hmmm
We had some casualties and some wounded that may or may not make it along the way. Friendship and trust are often put to trial within the film industry. It is a hard thing ro realize that you really don’t know people.
I have learned once again for the 500th time that people are fragile and scared, and most base their lives on these fears. Fear is the number one killer of careers, friendship and really all around trust. People forget that they are responsible for the knowledge in their heads. I have had to use the phrase, remember when we helped you – we are the good guys, we are not those people.
We live in an age where if it is written it must be true. We have forgotten that people say things, lie or just simply misrepresent for their own gain, or more sadly emotional satisfaction, even to their own destruction. I don’t know why, I think people have been trying to figure out that question a long time.  I think it is fear.
Continuum Pictures Studios for me represents a chance to work with people who still believe in their dreams, or are at least trying too.
2012 will be like any year since the beginning of our film journeys. It will be painful, hard and difficult, we will even sometimes pay to much on personal levels, but in the end we will end up further ahead.
P. David Miller, Scott Hayman, Danny Torres
I am grateful to team I work with and belong to. I am grateful to Danny Torres, CEO of Continuum Pictures, Stephan Langford and Robert Dudelson of Dream Factory, I am grateful to Paramount Studios for the opportunity and privilege of being on the lot. I am grateful to my family who allow me the time under difficult circumstances to pursue this journey and I am grateful to the entire Continuum Pictures team and our many friends who have taken the journey with us.
James Duval

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