Continuum Pictures: How Movies are Made – Part 1 from Continuum Pictures

Have you ever had a dream that played out like a great movie?  Did you wake up and think to yourself, “Someone needs to make that into a movie, it would be a blockbuster!”  You would not know it at the time, but you have just engaged in the first step all movies must take to get their start.

In filmmaking, like in all great creative projects, it always begins with an idea.  The idea is pre-played in the mind, with the message, impact, audience, and market potential all taken into consideration.

From that point, it must pass through a series of reality checks.  Within the company we engage in conversations about numerous concepts, and many concepts become less ‘dreamy’ when we discuss them with our other industry professionals.

Once ideas are approved and all concepts discussed, we then focus on getting the concept committed to writing.  The ideas and concepts may change and grow as they are committed into writing as a story or as a screenplay.  It is then that the review process will begin again based on the newly written draft.  Once it is an agreement that the screenplay should be developed, it takes a marked shift toward business planning.

Critical minds then begin to envision the technical aspects of the production.  Some stories can be told with little fanfare; needing a few locales and a minimal amount of actors to accomplish the goals of the screenplay and still deliver the desired impact on the audience.  Other scripts may require locations that simply do not exist on our planet, and masses of people, and creatures that are derived from pure imagination. With this in mind, there is one simple rule that all successful filmmakers must follow– you must have the right size budget for the right sized film.

Watch for the next segment and see how projects move to the next level.


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