Welcome to Continuum Pictures

In the real world people often live lives of routine and monotony– simply getting by, working hard, paying their bills, and then waking up to do the exact same routine all over again the next day. However, when they step through the doors of a theater or activate their home theater system, they can enter a completely different world.  It is a bolder world where the elements of danger, risk, and reward become larger than life.  In this world they themselves can become the hero, villain, adventurer, or the hopeless romantic. It is a world in which you can experience all of your best dreams and encounter some of your worst nightmares.

It is a known fact that economies will always rise and fall; but people have proven that entertainment will always be a priority.  History has shown us that as times become harder, the desire for moments of joy and escape into the worlds of magic and imagination become even more important.  The entertainment industry remains a vibrant part of social experiences around the globe; it is an industry that has a permanent place in global economies and Hollywood is its home.

Continuum Pictures creates magical experiences that deliver and exceed all expectations. Creating these experiences is a science and Continuum Pictures’ management team has an impressive track record of delivering magic to the world.  This is a veteran team, with each member bringing with them a unique portfolio of experiences.  Key team members have credits that include blockbuster movies such as: The Goonies, Erin Brockovich, and Apollo 13; other team member credits include television programs that have become household names like: Thirtysomething, Saved by the Bell, Tiny Toons, and Family Matters.
There are always new stories to be told and new audiences waiting to be captivated every single day; but producing Award-Winning entertainment is not new to the team at Continuum Pictures. Continuum Pictures is simply the new home for the next generation of films and filmmakers.   

In addition to the creation of new projects, the company also shares the rights to a number of highly profitable legacy film and entertainment franchise brands such as Creepshow, Day of the Dead, and other such powerful household names. The re-visioning of legacy brands has proven to be a successful formula for rapid expansion and profitability.  The evidence of this is all around us with the recent remakes of such blockbuster hits as: Star Trek, the “super hero films” pandemic, and many more franchise films.  Continuum Pictures has a strong list of upcoming new releases and legacy brand remakes that we are extremely excited for and proud of.

Finally, joining with Dream Factory Entertainment extends the reach of the company into additional revenue channels.  Dream Factory is a distributor of films with connections to theater chains and digital distribution. By bringing the distribution in-house Continuum Pictures eliminates its dependence on outside companies to distribute and get its products to market.

You are witnessing the emergence of the next great brand in Hollywood entertainment.  

Welcome to Continuum Pictures.


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