Continuum Pictures to Resurrect George Romero’s Day of the Dead

For Immediate Release: Continuum Pictures, Inc. ( announces the acquisition of the full licensing rights to George Romero’s Day of the Dead film franchise.  

“The Day of the Dead, and it’s series of films, has become a legendary part of American zombie lore and George Romero has been the storyteller,” said Continuum Pictures CEO, Danny Torres.  “We come to this project with tremendous respect for what has gone before us and a lot of excitement.  This is a special project.”

The fan base for the film franchise have become as ravenous and dedicated to their beloved flesh eating zombie series.  There are hundreds of blog and forum sites where they congregate in addition to “Living Dead” conventions.

The plot for the new film will follow small bands of survivors from various locations around the world, broadcasting stories of attacks in order to help others survive the zombie plague with some very interesting plot twists that are being held secret.

When George Romero took on the original Day of the Dead project in 1985 he said he wanted it to be “the Gone with the Wind of zombie films”.  Of the original trilogy, Mr. Romero referred to Day of the Dead as his favorite.

Mark Davisd
Continuum Pictures Studios

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