Continuum Pictures James Duval (Producer)

Continuum Pictures Producer James Duval’s personal photo album on Picasa. This includes many of his photos as a child and later as an adult on some of the sets he has been on.

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James Duval

James Duval has been heading productions since 1991 when he moved to San Francisco where he attended San Francisco State University. I arrived there and was shortly joined by a friend who shared the same filmmaking dream. At San Francisco State he met Mark Lillig and found they shared a love for movies and production. It was Mark that began James’ education in film. Prior to this James had completed a screenplay then titled Bloodless Scream. With that Mark and James were off on their first production adventure.

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As James Duval pursued production their team began to grow to ultimately include Richard Scott, Tyler Ross, Scott Hayman, Danny Torres and Austin Anderson. This lead to the formation of three companies, Independent Image Entertainment, Continuum Pictures and Filmplane Entertainment.

Continuum Company Biography for James Duval:

James Duval was born in the Midwest then, in 1970, moved with his family to Alaska by driving the Alcan Highway through Canada in a station wagon with fourteen people. He was raised in Fairbanks where he spent most of his younger years reading, writing and playing the violin. After graduating high school, he spent a year and half working with the Spanish speaking community of East Los Angeles, as a volunteer for the LDS Church.

James has been driven by the desire to create for as long as his parents can remember. From theater, road shows, writing and music he has spent most of his life being a creator and encouraging others to do the same.

In 1991 he moved to San Francisco to make movies. While at San Francisco State, he met Mark Lillig and the two of them decided to step away from a film education and into the actual practice of making movies. In 1996, they formed Independent Image Entertainment (IIE) with Tyler Ross and Richard Scott.

In 2004, after working on a project entitled Wrestling Days, two young filmmakers Danny Torres and Scott Hayman joined the IIE team. In late 2005 James Duval, Danny Torres, Scott Hayman, Mark R. Lillig, Tyler Ross and Richard Scott formed Continuum Pictures in Los Angeles.

Since the formation of Continuum Pictures, James Duval has produced many features, including Mano a Mano, Three Bad Men, Convict, The Absents, and others here in the US and internationally.

Through his experiences in life, James has been given the patience, time and opportunity to fall in love with movies and the people who make them while always giving credit to those films and people who inspired him.

James Duval Official site:

James Duval Twitter: jduvalfilm
Continuum Pictures Twitter: ContinuumPics
Filmplane Twitter: filmplanefilm

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James Duval
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Blank a Short film by Quan Tran starring James Duval
Mano a Mano: The Trailer staring James Duvl

Photos of  Continuum Pictures James Duval


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