Filmplane and Continuum Pictures: Fickr

Set of Sirens P1050213Jason Durdon Filmplane and Danny Torres Continuum Pictures IMG00079Ryan Watson on set of Sirens IMG00075Quan Tran, Fred, Ryan Evans on Sirens IMG00052Gino Costabile and Ryan Evans on Sirens _MG_6311James Duval on set of Mano a Mano
Jason Durdon and Danny Torres on set of The AbsentsScott Hayman and Jason Durdon on set of Taught In Cold Blood Scott Hayman on Set of Taught In Cold BloodMesindo Pompa on set of Taught In Cold Blood.Danny Torres on set of Taught in Cold BloodDanny Torres operating camera on Taught in Cold Blood
Taylor McPartland on set of ChasedChased Set 2 IMG_2218Chased location 1 IMG_2202Chased Kids 1 IMG_2199Jason Durdon Chased Car 2 IMG_2184Chased Car 3 IMG_2192
Austin Anderson on set of ChasedCast and Crew Mano a Mano CIMG1400Danny Torres on Mano a Mano CIMG1448James Duval and Luis Villafranca Mano a Mano CIMG1444Matthew Dyer, Director Mano a Mano CIMG1437Set of Mano a Mano CIMG1442

Continuum Pictures and Filmplane Entertainment have been producing films since 2006. The actual team has been around longer. Here are some of the production photos of recent projects.


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