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James Duval on Mano a Mano

James Duval

This is an on going blog and discussion regarding the creative efforts of James Duval. James Duval began his filmmaking career the late 80’s after meeting a writer. His first screenplay was titled Bloodless Scream. In 1991 he moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco state University. This is where he met his friend and fellow filmmaker Mark Lillig. Shortly after this meeting, both he and Mark left San Fransico State to pursue production on their first feature.  After several attempts to complete a film it was descided to form a studio. Mark Lillig and James Duval where joined by Richard Scott and Tyler Ross. In the mid 90s Independent Image Entertainment was born in Oakland California. Under the (IIE) banner the team began to experiment with production models, shooting short films, music videos and features.  Four  films were born out of this model, No Strings Attached, written and directed by Mark Lillig, Wrestling Days and Troubadours, both written and directed by Dan Albracht, and Ten Cents Short written and directed by Austin Anderson. Through these productions Jaes was able to build the team that ultimately became Continuum Pictures in 2005.

In early 2005 James Duval stepped down as head of Independent Image Entertainment. Danny Torres was appointed by the long time partners at the age of 21 to head the company. At the end of 2005 the team decided to form a more studio driven company called Continuum Pictures and to step away from the indie film model. Using James’ production model Continuum Pictures began producing film in Los Angeles.

James Duval, Mustafa Waiz, Dylan Kellihg (Delkha)

In October 2008 after discussions with Austin Anderson who had made the move to Los Angeles as well, it was descided to create Filmplane Entertainment for the purpose of creating high quality independent films on any format in any genre. Additionally Filmplane was to develop new talent in writer, directors, producers and actors. On Halloween night at a company party it was annouced that Austin Anderson would head the new independent company. Filmplane went on to do award winning short, music videos and co-produced the feature Sabor Tropical,, written and directed by Jorge Ameer in Panama

James Duval in Alaska wiht family

In late 2010 Austin Anderson made the move back to San Francisco to pursue his own creative endeavors.  It was descided to appoint Jason Durdon head of Filmplane. Jason Durdon and James Duval had previously worked together on the The Absents, written and directed by Jason Durdon and the prize winning short film Thirteen or So Minutes, written and directed by William Branden Blinn.

In 2011 Jason Durdon became a full partner in Continuum Pictures along with Mesindo Pompa the lead of Mano a Mano and Taught in Cold Blood.  James Duval focuses on team building, financing and distribution of both Continuum Pictures and Filmplane’s feature films.  Additionally James is a writer having written many of the original screenplays upon which Continuum Pictures is built.


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