ReBlog: Writing In Alaska when it is -50 below

Near My Home in Alaska

Winter 2005: Live Journal Blog (original link)

It is starting to be Winter in Alaska flash back to 2005

September 28th, 2010
Current Location:Delta Junction
Alaska and the Cold:

My friends accuse me of not writing much about my bazaar life. For that reason when I come across anything that is a snippet of the experience I don’t talk about, well now I share it.

Emails from 50 below zero Fahrenheit. January 2005

Okay I was wondering why at 20 below zero the propane stopped working. So my mother in law calls this morning, lives about 800 feet up the hill and says its 50 below. So I look at our thermometer out the window and it reads 22 or 25. So I tell Robin oh by the way the propane isn’t working on the stove. Now I should have put two and two together, but hell I was in the middle of putting a chinese college kid, a leftist white girl and his goofy friend up against some Nazis and hell I am on page 25. So me in my wonderland, well it clicked. so I went outside to turn off the propane so that it doesn’t start working with no pilot lights and then explode the house when the furnace kicks on and low and behold I flick the thermometer and just like in the movies that needle drops down to 50 below.

Well that means we are not sending our kids to school today. And we are not going to town. And we are making the mormon missionaries stay in town and not drive the 30 miles or so to our house and die along the way for dinner. But it means I will probably get a lot of writing done because that means I also don’t have to do the work outside today.


One thought on “ReBlog: Writing In Alaska when it is -50 below

  1. That is the craziest thing I have every heard. No longer will I complain when it gets to down to 20 degrees and I’m walking around my house with a blanket 🙂

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