Filmplane and It’s Producers (via Filmplane: Facts and News)

Filmplane has a new site. it is an indie company which specializes in well passion and artistic projects as well as horror and thrillers. It is part of the Continuum Pictures film group. It is headed by Jason Durdon who became a Continuum Pictures Partner in 2010 and head of Filmpalne in late 2010. He and Danny Torres, head of Continuum Pictures make up a very intense producing and directing team.

Filmplane and It's Producers Filmplane Entertainment exist for the purpose to encourage independent films and to assist them in acheiving a higher creative success and distribution. It's mandate unlike Continuum Pictures, is any format any genre. The goal was to create a mechinism where the producer of Continuum Pictures, Dan … Read More

via Filmplane: Facts and News


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