The Absents: Continuum Pictures

Continuum Pictures: The Absents: (Now Cider Springs Slaughter

Directed by Jason Durdon

Director of Photography: Jonathan Cohon
Continuum Pictures
Producers James Duval Danny Torres
Written by: Taylor McPartland and Danny Torres
Behind the scenes photos
The Absents is Continuum Pictures first is a series of horror films being produced by the creative team of Continuum Pictures, headed by Danny Torres and Filmplane headed by Jason Durdon, the director of The Absents. The story takes place in a small town where years earlier a serial killer had committed 23 murders and was never caught. Now he is back or someone or something is. Written by Taylor McPartland and Danny Torres, this film starring Wes Scarpias (Convict), Chelese Belmont (Trobadours, Three Bad Men), Austin Anderson (Mano a Mano), William Romeo (American Gladiator), Frank Krueger (Break) and EJ Scalzi (Gun)

Continuum Pictures- Cider Springs Slaughter
producers James Duval Danny Torres, Jason Durdon

Continuum Pictures imdb
Continuum Pictures on Facebook
The Absents on Facebook (please like)
Continuum Pictures: The Absents


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