Continuum Pictures: James Duval: Danny Torres: Ocean Front Property: A Way to Laugh

Ocean Front Property written/starred/directed by Joseph Neibich, produced by Continuum Pictures producer James Duval, Danny Torres.

Ocean Front Property: A Way to Laugh-Continuum Pictures.

Written/Directed /Starred in by Jospeh Neibich
Starring Suzette Tomlinson as Miss Jane Holly

Produced by James Duval and Danny Torres
Continuum Pictures

James Duval at age 12 Continuum Pictures, producer of Ocean Front Property directed by Joseph Neibich

At age 12 I dreamed of making movies. It was not possible in Alaska where I grew up. No one had cameras and video did not exist really. As a Continuum Pictures Producer, I have had the chance to produce films like Ocean Front Property which was written and directed by Joseph Neibich. Since I was a kid I have have believed in dreams. Now much older I am very proud of our recent films like Ocean Front Property, Mano a Mano, and Taught in Cold Blood. I am proud of my producing team Danny Torres, Mark Lillig, Tyler Ross, Scott Hayman and Richard Scott. Only dedicated people can make a film. For more on Ocean Front Property and its director Joseph Neibich who starred in the film as well. Press on the link above.

I want to also thank Suzette Tomlinson who was brilliant under  very difficult circumstances  as the lead in the film.


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