Continuum Pictures Zombie film Sirens exits Editing Today

Directed by Jason Durdon
Written by Toby Joint
Director of Photograph Danny Torres
Produced by Jason Durdon and Danny Torres
Executive Produced by James Duval
Filmplane/Continuum Pictures
Special Make-up Effects Coryn Ellis, Ryan Evans
Starring Carlos Luis Orrala, Alex Gunn, Berly Ellis, Andrea Carlisle, Ryan Watson and Richard Scott.

Sirens was a multiple location Zombie shoot making use of Continuum Pictures/Filmplane’s locations. The writer and director have a long history of working together having been friends for years. This relationship has lead to many ideas such as this one. Jason Durdon as with many of the Continuum Pictures team has a great love for Zombies.

Danny Torres and Jason spent the last couple of weeks finalizing this film before it heads out for final sound, and effects. Continuum Pictures producer Scott Hayman will be overseeing Siren’s festival play. Additionally Continuum Pictures gears up for its Zombie Apocalypse feature shortly

Both Jason Durdon and Danny Torres are slated to directed Features later this year. Currently Continuum Pictures is gearing up for the release of Mano a Mano, a thriller directed by Matthew Dyer, The Absent directed by Jason Durdon,  and Ocean Front Property directed by Joseph Neibich. Taught in Cold Blood is currently in production with P. David Miller as director. As these features and Sirens leave post, Continuum Pictures gears up for its next set of projects.

Continuum Pictures
Continuum Pictures facebook

Quan Tran, Fred and Ryan Evans on body detail

Filmplane facebook
Continuum Pictures imdb
Filmplane imdb
Jason Durdon imdb
Danny Torres imdb
Carlos Luis Orrala imdb
Berly Ellis
Andrea Carlisle
James Duval imdb
Richard Scott imdb
Ryan Watson imdb

On January 5th 2012 I had a chance to watch this film with investors. The edit is wonderful. I am looking forward to the release of Zombie Chronicles which will feature this short as well as others.

Directed by Jason Durdon, Produced by Danny Torres, James Duval

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