Continuum Pictures: Links on The Web : Danny Torres : James Duval

Continuum Pictures: Producers Danny Torres, James Duval, Director: Jason Durdon

As Continuum Pictures grows, we start to find our work and our words around the web. I have begun to try and Collect them in one spot. This will be an ongoing project:

Danny Torres, Scott Hayman, Mark Lillig, Tyler Ross, Richard Scott, James Duval

We are a full production studio from pre to post. We mainly focus on in house projects, but are open projects being brought to us. Our core team is divided into two groups. Half of us have worked together for over 10+ years, the other half for over 6+ years.

We develop, produce, finance and distribution feature films.

We were founded in late 2005 by Danny Torres, James Duval, Tyler Ross, Mark Lillig, Richard Scott and Scott Hayman. The team formed shortly after the completion of Wrestling Days and independent family sports drama produced by Danny Torres and Scott Hayman. In early 2006 Continuum Pictures made its move as a company to the Los Angeles area. It has since gone on to shoot, complete and distribute many films

Jason Durdon, James Duval, Danny Torres, Mark Lillig, Tyler Ross, Scott Hayman, Ricahrd Scott


Development, Production, Financing, Distribution, Micro-budgets through Filmplane Ent.

On Facebook:

Ocean Front Property: Facebook
Continuum Pictures
Project First Strike
Mano a Mano
Taught In Cold Blood
No Words
Redemption: The Darkness Descending
Sabor Tropical

Directed by Jason Durdon: Produced by James Duval Danny Torres: Continuum Pictures

Links From around The Web

Demon FM of the UK: Tyler Ross Interview
Karmadons’ Music Video on youtube
Variety Review of Sabor Tropical
Full Movie Review: Suzette Tomlinson
India Entertainment on Line: Mitsein
Dark Side of Love Credits
Horror Junkies Review of Darkness Descending
Continuum Pictures on Digg.Com
Continuum Pictures on
James Duval Interview on KKDA
Danny Torres Interview on KKDA
Tyler Ross Interview on Demon FM (UK)
Danny Torres Interview on LATalkRadio Mother Love Show
Danny Torres, Interview on Indies in Motion With Rick Mizuno
Danny Torres Interview with Alison Richards

Mistsein directed by Aparna Malladi

Mitsein directed by Aparna Malladi and supported by Continuum Pictures

Company Profile’s on the Web:
Continuum Pictures on LinkedIn
Filmplane on LinkedIn
James Duval on LinkedIN
Danny Torres on LinkedIN
Continuum Pictures on IMDB
Filmplane Entertainment on IMDB

Company Blogs:
James Duval on blogSpot
Continuum Pictures News & Facts
James Duval on WordPress
James Duval on LiveJournal
Scott Hayman on BlogSpot

Below is a list of direct links to portions of the Continuum Pictures Site:

Continuum Pictures: News
About Continuum Pictures
Continuum Pictures Team
Continuum Pictures Projects in Development
Continuum Pictures: Home Page
Continuum Pictures: Current Productions
Continuum Pictures Features that are Available

The Darkness Descending Episosde 1: Redemption

As always Continuum Pictures continues to grow. We enjoy the work of being filmmakers and producers. We encourage everyone to dare to follow their dreams.


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