Project First Strike Update: Continuum Pictures:

First Time Feature Director Jason Durdon, produced by Danny Torres, James Duval A Continuum Pictures Horror Film (2012)

Project First Strike Update: Continuum Pictures:

Mark Lillig director withe DP Adam Dobbs on
Mark’s first feature Bloodless Scream Produced
by James Duval, Loydene Williamson 1996
© Continuum Pictures
 Usually when people begin “projects” like Project First Strike, they wish to create an image of neutrality.  Being neutral presents an image of professionalism. This image is one of the problems with filmmaking. Rarely do you hear why you did not get the deal, or your script was rejected.

Dan Albracht & Danny Torres
on 1st Feature, Wrestling Days
© Continuum Pictures
We wish to begin this journey for these filmmakers with honesty. Project First Strike is an embodiment of a way of filmmaking that Continuum Pictures and its producers have been doing for years. We have always given first time directors, producers and writers our support. Unfortunately as we have moved up the film world, our time has become more difficult to spare. Anyone who has had to work with us will tell you that communications is our one down fall.  At any given moment we have anywhere from 5 to 10 projects of various shapes and sizes in our production pipeline. This is not an exaggeration.  Sometimes it is as small as volunteering to shoot a scene for an actors reel.  We love actors. Other times it really is the favor of shooting a feature for someone.
Danny Torres P. David Miller
on Taught In Cold Blood,
Continuum Pictures Thriller
produced by Scott Hayman,
This is how Continuum Pictures and its producers came together. Wrestling Days was one of those projects.

My point is given our production pipeline and what we are trying to accomplish, the first set of projects for Project First Strike will be with first time directors we already know. We have decided that it is better to get the program going than to set up hype and false professionalism.

The Killer on the Absent at work, directed by Jason Durdon Produced
 by James Duval and Danny Torres © Continuum Pictures
Currently we have two directors in LA and one director in the UK for whom we are setting up projects. As we bring on more producers with experience into this arena we will be able to expand to people we do not know.

The reason for this honesty, is one of the first rules of film is you do not lie to production people. You have to tell them the truth so that they can help you get through the project, or problem.

Project First Strike is about production not hype. So here is what we are looking for:
Producers in every country willing to work with First Time directors of all backgrounds First time directors who are willing to go to the edge with their projects and not settle for what they have seen before. Basically no fan films or films with nods to other films. They will have the opportunity to direct features, shorts and /or web series.

     First time writers willing to join with these directors with edgy material who will be given writers credit/producers credits and have a chance to see their work on the screen.

People with equipment that wish to help out on such projects that are willing to commit not just to the project but also to building careers. People who are about production/not hype.

James Duval
We will be coordinating this project probably on The goal is to make this an international program trying to help filmmakers around the world.  Which means we are trying to move away from the U.S. centric approach.

Peepers Directed by Mark Lillig Produced
by james Duval
We do not wish to approach this in to formal of a way, but in a way that first time filmmakers of every background can be equals with those who have years of experience. Continuum Pictures/Filmplane want to see wonderful films
come from this.

 Here is a partial log of films we have done with First Time
Dir. Joseph Neibich
Feature Filmmakers

Wrestling Days
Dan Albract 1st Feature as a writer/director
Danny Torres 1
st Feature as a producer 
Scott Hayman  1st Feature as a Actor/Producer

Ten Cents Short

Austin Anderson 1st Feature writer/director

Mano a Mano:                        
Matt Dyer 1st Feature Writer/Director

The Absents:                        
The Absents: Directed by Jason Durdon
Jason Durdon 1st Feature Director
Taylor McPartland 1
st Feature Writer/Producer

Taught in Cold Blood
P. David Miller 1st Feature Director
Darien Harte 1
st Feature Writer/Producer

No Words:                        
Tenaya Cleveland 1st Time Writer/Director

Ocean Front Property
Joseph Neibich 1st Time Feature Writer/Director

Continuum Pictures james Duval at around 12
Many of these people have gone on to become a integral part of the Continuum Pictures team, some have even gone on to become partners in this journey. Filmmaking should be an art/career open to all people. Unfortunately because of access to technology most of the world can only ever dream of making or being in a movie.

It is our hope that with the help of filmmakers around the world, that we can make the opportunity of this dream available to many people who would not have gotten the chance otherwise.

 No Words Directed by Tenaya Cleveland – Continuum Pictures


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