Continuum Pictures: The Many People You Meet on the Road to Making Movies

The Many People You Meet on the Road to Making Movies.

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P. David Miller, Boarder Patrol

Boarder Patrol officer played by P. David Miller: © Continuum Pictures

As you move thorough you career you will find a small group of people who’s only purpose is to try and stop you. For some reason they will feel slighted, change events in their heads and even in some cases of paranoia they will even think you are after them.

There is nothing you can do about this, except keep making movies. Continuum Pictures makes movies and tries to share its opportunities with others. We do this without hesitation and completely based on the person we meet, not their race, creed, gender, way of life or past.

Labels do not mean justice was served. We live in a world of many injustices. By allowing a creative environment to grow around Continuum Pictures, we are in are part trying to make the world a better place.

Head of Continuum Pictures Danny Torres in the middle,

Producer Danny Torres, with Director Joel Murray, John Murray On The Bouncer

We hope to continue to be able to share, which is why we created Project First Strike, give new actors a chance and more importantly are constantly working to create something new in the filmmaking world.

Recently we have come under attack. We actually know who these people are.  Unfortunately the internet seems to be a place where people can attack without impugn.

We will continue to make our movies. Help people as we can and let our work stands for itself.

James Duval
Continuum Pictures


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