Continuum Pictures: James Duval : Childhood

James Duval, Continuum Pictures
Producer in his first solo role.
press to see photo album

Growing up is never easy. Being an adult is often less easy. As such these are some photos from my childhood and as a missionary for the LDS (Mormon) Church. I look back and think of the things that lead me to film. When I was a kid there were no video cameras and in all honesty no one around me doing film. It was an impossible dream. I always loved film and in many ways movies saved my life. I am grateful that I can actually devote my life to film. I am even more grateful that those I love such as my wife and children allow me to do this. I spend much of my time away from my family. I miss them honestly. But once again film is something you do in Los Angeles, not Alaska.

Continuum Pictures and its people are a family to me as well. I work and live with the best people in the world.

James Duval, my first challenge learning to walk
my second, remembering I can.

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