Continuum Pictures: Movies, Ass Rabbits and the Way of the Independent Warrior

Over the years I have the “joy” and I do mean ” ” of making movies. I have also had the great opportunity of working with many filmmakers on projects outside of Continuum Pictures. There is one consistent similarity between an independent film and a studio film; Ass Rabbits. Now I did not invent this term, and I do not really know where or who I got it from but it is accurate.

The Producer or Director gets a script looks at it, breaks it down and then someone tells him the budget or an effects shot, and then the person goes “Yeah, I can do that.” Well that is where the magic of movie making begins, how do you make one location look like the location you lost, or the impossible task of making the birds perform or even knowing how you are going to do it. (Example: Hitchcock and The Birds = Ass Rabbits, they had know idea how they were going to get or handle the birds for the movie. The solved it along the way.)

Wrestling Days was like that for us. When we met the director, we thought we were volunteering to do a small film. Then it turned into the amazingly impossible film, that honestly we thought about canceling in the very first days of pre-production, but Scott Hayman and Danny Torres seemed like a couple of college kids who could. They were ages 20 and 21 in 2004.  That film, from classroom to wrestling tournaments, even the casting was about a level 12 on the Ass Rabbit scale, someone pulled miracles out of their asses for it.

Even meeting the deadlines for Sabor Tropical, directed by Jorge Ameer, was another Ass Rabbit moment. Sure we can do that, and when suddenly we had less time, It was no problem we can do that.

Continuum Pictures has grown I think because our filmmakers are not afraid to try. We have taken on projects larger than us all the way along the way. Filmmaking is not safe. You will fail, you will get laughed and even publicly criticized along the way. It happens to everyone.

Most people cannot survive the journey to be a filmmaker. There generally is no one to put a gold star on the refrigerator and tell you that you are a good boy. There is simply the movie your making and the next  project on your list.

So buck up and reach into your pants and pull those Ass Rabbits out. If you make movies, people expect you to pull off miracles.


One last note: In the forrest of filmmaking there are also wolves, people who want to destroy your dream for whatever reason. Just smile about that, it means you are getting important.


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