Continuum Pictures: James Duval: Danny Torres: The Many People You Meet on the Road to Making Movies

Directed by Joseph Neibich, Produced by Danny Torres, James Duval & Continuum Pictures

When a good production team comes together like this romance comedy directed by Joseph Neibich, Produced by Continuum Pictures Producers James Duval, Danny Torres

The difference between a dream and a fantasy is in the doing. People who live in fantasies instead of reality are often the destroyers of dreams.  If they cannot make their fantasy a reality, then they do not want other people to succeed in achieving their own dreams.

When I started filmmaking I received a bit of advice that has paid off when I have listened and harmed projects (and me) when I have not: “Let no one near your projects when you are beginning who is not there because they love the project.”

Getting a movie made is nearly impossible as it is, and most projects do not die because of lack of funds, but because of people who become destructive and hateful. I have seen films held hostage by actors, producers, and any number of other people who have a personal agenda other than the film.

Wrestling Days(shot 2004) Danny Torres then age 20 and Scott Hayman 21 at the start of production first Producing Roles.

Wrestling Days Produced by Danny Torres at age 20 with Scott Hayman 21 at time of production starting in 2004

Continuum Pictures has been lucky for the most part. If the camera has rolled then we are pretty damn certain it will get completed. If you look at our track record, we have worked with the same people over and over and over again. Why? Simple: surround yourself with people who love film enough to put their personal egos, angers or even hidden agendas aside for a project.  Especially in the beginning.

You cannot avoid haters though. Someone will always find a reason not to like you. They will always attack when they are not getting what they want. Film does not attract the most mature group of people. It attracts dreamers and for the most part that is good. The downside is that you will often find yourself on the blade side of someone’s creativity if they do not get what they want. We see such things in the press quite a bit lately.

The Bouncer set Danny Torres age 26 at time 2010

John Murray, Danny Torres, Joel Murray 2010 Continuum Pictures

What do you do when they attack? The answer is simple: Keep making movies. Don’t give them attention. People are smart enough to know the truth. People are smart enough see through the fake names, vicious language and one-sided representations. If they are not you should not worry anyway- those people can’t help you. You only want to ever work with people who are filled with love and truth. The rest? Just let them slip away.

Sirens a Zombie Apocalypse  Danny Torres Cam. 1 Jason Durdon Cam 2 Continuum Pictures

Continuum Pictures/Filmplane set of Sirens Danny Torres DP/Producer on Camera 1 a Panasonic Jason Durdon Director on Camera 2 a Sony

We have had equipment stolen, films destroyed and promises broken. We have tried to be kind people who share the dream and help; for the most part I think we have accomplished this.

Continuum Pictures was a concept that turned into a form; creative people doing creative things. We’ve done film on the independent level primarily and fortunately it appears to be moving in a direction that allows us to do larger films. We are very proud of our past and the growth we have made as a company and filmmakers. We are happy to share our initial work and experience with other filmmakers. We hope it helps.

I have been told that we are supposed to show only our best work. Well we do and we also show our first work. How are people supposed to see how to run the race if you only ever show them the finish line?

Unseen Shadows one of the films we lost and will shoot again

Mark Lillig directing Unseen Shadows a film we lost but will shoot again 2003

People will try to stop you and stop your projects. They will take the supposedly unexplained facts of your life and fictionalize them to turn you into a bad guy, and when that fiction does not work, they will go into science fiction and just make crap up.

Expect this.  It is actually a sign that you are getting close to succeeding. Accept it with a smile and the knowledge that you know who it is and you have told everyone important about it. Trust that the people who make movies understand this and many have been through it, too.

Our production history is clear: IIE to Continuum Pictures and Filmplane. From No Strings Attached directed by Mark Lillig to The Absents directed by Jason Durdon. Continuum Pictures was founded by six filmmakers: Mark Lillig, Danny Torres, Scott Hayman, Tyler Ross and myself, James Duval. Many others have since joined us.

Wrestling Days early 2005

Wrestling Days, Danny Torres, Richard Scott, Dan Albracht, Tyler Ross, Sultan Udin, Chris Nagel, Wayne Jones Continuum Pictures/IIE production early 2005

We have personally made Wrestling Days, No Strings Attached, Two Rooms in The Valley, Mano a Mano, Cider Springs Slaughter, aka The Absents, Convict, The Darkness Descending, Ocean Front Property, Sirens, Troubadours, OMG! Wrong Party, Sabor Tropical, No Words, Ten Cents Short, Thirteen or So Minutes and Midnight Snack, and we have helped with the production, release and festival run of many many more.

You cannot let the nay-sayers (from where ever they come from) stop you in achieving your dream while they burn in their fantasy.  Truth is in the image. Remember this: people for the most part only stick with good people and I have the best in the world.  The Continuum Pictures team is brilliant, young, and a team that can get films done, and we’ve been together a long time.

We shall continue to make our movies at Continuum Pictures and Filmplane. We will continue to give new actors, new directors and new writers the best chance we can. We will continue filming and letting our work speak for itself. I hope all those reading this will do the same. Don’t get distracted, get your movies made.

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  1. I am a Author and doing a screen play now with Ron Becks, we are going to do a 10 minute film can make the film festival circuit and get it on national Television as a showcase. Ron will also be one of the stars. I am currently looking for funding for the project and a studio. It will be called “When The Storm God Rides” it is a historical Fiction western. My book When The Storm God Rides will be out in june.

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