Continuum Pictures: Announcing Project First Strike For First Time Feature Directors and Filmmakers

Wrestling Days, first feature by Dan Albracht, Danny Torres, Scott Hayman

Wrestling Days, a family sports drama, first feature by Dan Albracht, Danny Torres, Scott Hayman avail on Amazon

Continuum Pictures, has always been a company that wanted to share its dream with others. Wrestling Days, the family sports drama, produced by IIE and released by Continuum Pictures, was directed and produced by first time filmmakers Dan Albracht, Danny Torres and Scott Hayman. The Absent was the first feature for Director and now head of Filmplane Jason Durdon, Mano a Mano was written and directed by Matt Dyer and Taught in Cold Blood is P. David Millers first feature as a director. Ocean Front Property, which will soon be released into the festival circuit, was Joseph Neibich’s first feature as a writer/director. Many of those filmmakers became permanent members of what is now Continuum Pictures.

Ten Cents Short, Austin Anderson's first feature

Ten Cents Short, writer/director Austin Anderson's first feature produced by Danny Torres available on Amazon

This tradition of giving first time feature directors and in general first time filmmakers the opportunity to use our skills and many of our resources to realize there dream is one we wish to continue at Continuum Pictures. It is also one we wish to expand. To accomplish this goal we are reaching out to producers and other filmmakers we have worked with, such as Lawrence Williams to help become a driving force behind this project.

No Words Directed by Tenaya Cleveland, her first short

No Words, first time director Tenaya Cleveland produced by Continuum Pictures, Danny Torres and James Duval. This short has been shown in film festivals around the world.

The goal of Project First Strike (to borrow a concept from former President George W. Bush) is to literally help these filmmakers create projects that say “BAM!” I am here pay attention to me as a creative force and I am not afraid to strike first and make you see me. As such these projects will specifically be edgy in their respective genre’s. We feel strongly that every genre has an edge and we wish to explore it with up and coming filmmakers.

Mano a Mano Continuum Pictures Spanish Language Thriller

Mano a Mano, writer/director Matt Dyer's first feature a Spanish Language thriller produced by Continuum Pictures, Danny Torres and James Duval

These projects will take place here in Los Angeles and Internationally. We will help filmmakers organize their resources using the strength of the filmmakers we have worked with and know.

Writer/Director Joseph Neibich's first feature

Ocean Front Property, a romantic comedy, was Joseph Neibich's first feature as writer/director. It was produced by Continuum Pictures, Danny Torres and JamesDuval and will be entering festival circuits in 2011

As we move forward with Project First Strike, we will let people know how they can help or become involved. Everyone wants to see a dream come true, Continuum Pictures, the filmmakers we have worked with, know and myself wish to make the dream a reality.

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