Continuum Pictures and the Making of Sabor Tropical

Sabor Tropical
Writer/Director Jorge Ameer
Producer Austin Anderson
Executive Producers: Danny Torres, James Duval, Jorge Ameer
Starring Matthew Leitch, Jose Rosete, Jorge Ameer, Jean Carlos London, Torie Tyson
AJ Productions, Continuum Pictures

Shot on location in: Panama, with additional photography: London, Los Angeles

promotional poster for film

Sabor Tropical was a strange experience for us mainly because of the shooting and posting schedule. It was a film that already had its domestic DVD distribution locked down through Ariztical Entertainment, which had previously distributed the director/writer, Jorge Ameers earlier films.

The production team flew into Panama and had approximately 9 days to shoot the Panama side of the production in a small town called Los Tablas during carnival. Austin Anderson was the producer on the ground for Continuum Pictures. He was also the Cinematographer.

Mathew Leitch is Brian

Sabor Tropical was to have the flavor and even content of a travel log, but a travel log gone bad. Matthew Leitch who flew in from London for this production played the American gone “bad” in another country. Jose Rosette played the trapped immigrant turned bad to make it in Panama. Their journey takes unexpected twist, when their lives cross. Matthew’s brave performance is much appreciated. As a director and writer Jorge Ameer is known for pushing the edge of peoples comfort zones, taste and values.

As a gay filmmaker Jorge is not afraid to create work that makes even the gay community uncomfortable. He challenges everyone equally.

Continuum Pictures was faced with posting the project at lightning speed as there were festival deadlines to meet. It was we feel the worlds quickest feature post or at least the sleepless nights in production and post made us feel this way.

Continuum Pictures went on to work with Torie Tyson in other features and Jose Rosete, myself James Duval, Gino Costabile starred with the Karmadons in their music video Came a Long Way to See You, directed by Danny Torres.

The film was reviewed by Variety, New York Times and Los Angeles time as well as the online English speaking news for Panama. The film opened internationally in a limited release.

For us it was a chance to finally shoot outside the US and more importantly to work with a wonderful and willing cast like Matthew Leitch and Jose Rosete.  It was a chance to take the production lead with a project that did not originate with us, and to follow Jorge Ameers creative lead once again. We had previously shot Thirteen or So Minutes (Directed by Branden Blinn) Midnight Snack, posted on House of Adam, Dark Side of Love and other projects with Jorge. Jorge has always attracted to him wonderful actors and willing filmmakers. It was a fun project to be involved with. And thought the reviews were not great, we know many who enjoyed watching.


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