Continuum Pictures and Project Choices:

Austin Anderson, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Torie Tyson, Brian Dawson, Jorge Ameer, James Duval, Danny torres, Branden Blinn, Carlos Salas

When I first started this filmmaking journey I was given a bit of advice. It seemed very pessimistic and not very inspiring at the time, but I have come to know it was one of the best things I was ever told. “Make a movie, any movie, its not very important. The process is what is important.”

Now being an “inspired young filmmaker/writer/everything else a person” is when they start, this of course properly insulted me. See I did learn something in the year I tried to go to film school. But I took it.

Joel Murray directing the Bouncer, Produced by Danny Torres written by Doug Jackson starring Vince Cecere Continuum Pictures

I began working on other people’s projects, which never started. Then I worked on my own “art” projects, which we shot and then I began to see the wisdom of the words. Every movie is brilliant in our heads, and in truth given the right resources, casting, crew, etc… it truly might be. Unfortunately at the “indie” level and when you are beginning that is rarely the case. You ultimately learn that crap is crap no matter what your intentions or efforts were. The only thing you can take from those projects is experience and people.

Driver (James Duval) hunting Chuey (Luis Villa Franca)

Driver stalks Chuey deep in the Arizona Bad Lands

Now when we formed Continuum Pictures, who followed a little bit of the same advice. In this case, we chose to work with people that could get a project done and OUT.  This is why we have worked with directors like Branden Blinn (Thirteen or So Minutes), Jorge Ameer (House of Adam, Dark Side of Love, Sabor Tropical, Midnight Snack), Joseph Neibich (Ocean Front Property), and our own team of Danny Torres, P. David Miller, Mark R. Lillig and Jason Durdon. In each case the directors know how to see the journey through. If you are a producer you must produce, if you are a production company you have to get films made and out.

Continuum Pictures romantic comedy Ocean Front Property

Hollywood romance can always be found in your home town

Now the journey of a production company is very similar to that of a individual filmmaker, you get better with time. We look at our productions with great directors like Branden Blinn, who constantly wins at festival, and directors like Jorge Ameer who always gets his films out and we push our own productions like The Absent, Ocean Front Property, Taught in Cold Blood and Mano a Mano to that higher level always knowing we have to do better next time.

It seems that next time is here. As we now finish post on our current slate of films, we are gearing up to work with our own directors now and their projects. So far the projects at the next level include an action/horror, action/scifi, zombies, urban horror, and a romance comedy

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