Wrestling Days: Where we came together

on location at the LDS (Mormon) Institute at UC Berkeley

Wrestling Days:
Director/Writer: Dan Albracht
Producers: Danny Torres, Scott Hayman, Louis Rubio
Exec: Prod James Duval, Mark R. Lillig
DP: Richard Scott:
Editor: Quan Tran
Avail: on Amazon

Wrestling Days, was a project that the Continuum Pictures team did before it was a team or before it was even called Continuum Pictures.  It was a project that was done as a favor to a Rapper that we were shooting a music video for in Oakland. It was one of those decisions that has proven to be the right decision that changed our direction and future. We make those decisions all the time. We are constantly pulled into “indie” projects to help and in the end always complete.Jack's dream

Wrestling Days was the project that brought us all together. It was an insanely large project being done on “no money” and I mean no money. Over thirty locations and over thirty speaking roles. It was shot during finals up at UC Berkeley and most of our cast was attending Berkeley at the time and carrying double majors.

Scott Hayman was the lead producer and lead actor in the project. In our coversation yesterday he attributes building the team and getting it shot to the fact that he did not know he couldn’t.  It was Scott that brought Danny Torres to the team.  Between Scott (21 at the time) and Danny (20 at the time)  they were able to drag this project to completion.

It was shot all over Berkeley including in the LDS gym at the Institute of Religion building near the campus.

Africa was a fantasy world where the team could escape to.

Bringing the cast (team) into a world of imagination where they could all be winners

One of the fun facts is the film is the kid who played Newstead (Vince) had been wounded as a soldier in Bosnia prior to attending Berkeley.

The other interesting fact on the project was it was the first place that Danny Torres handled a film camera. It was the very first day of the shoot, it involved a white van which is still around to this day, and the shot is in the movie.

When I now look back on that film and the stuff we are doing and I see the growth in us as a team and as individuals, I realize that anyone can make it in the industry. The trick is never quit and as much as possible stick to the same team.

Now over 15 features and quite a few shorts later I can show this, from a white van to where we are now.

Dan Albracht directing

Continuum Pictures feature Wrestling Days



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