Continuum Pictures Latest Thriller Nears Wrap

Taught In Cold Blood:
Director: P. David Miller
Cinematographer: Danny Torres
Writer: Darien Harte
Producers: Danny Torres, Scott Hayman, Darien Harte
Producer: James Duval

The journey of a film often seems clear in the preproduction. With P. David Miller directing and Danny Torres as Prod/DP on the project the reboot is moving along well. Our cast includes wonderful and talented actors Luke Lippold, Sara Drust and Mesindo Pompa as our leads. Mesindo previously worked with Continuum Pictures as the lead in Mano a Mano, Continuum Pictures’ spanish language thriller. Our supporting cast on Taught in Cold Bloodincludes wonderful actors like Justin Hoffmeister, who has shown his dedication to the project.

Danny Torres

Continuum Pictures thriller Director P. David Miller, Prod/DP Danny Torres

Taught in Cold Blood is a unique murder thriller, as it explores love amidst the difficulties of being a psychotic killer. Evil breads Evil and Evil knows Evil. P. David Millers talents as a special effects and stunts coordinator and his over 150 projects of experience gives him a unique ability to direct this film.

Continuum Pictures as it now moves wrap shooting of this feature is gearing up for its next three projects to be directed by Danny Torres, P. David Miller and Jason Durdon. Additionally Continuum Pictures will be producing WebTV productions and other independent features through its sister company Filmplane, headed by Jason Durdon.

Cameron (Luke Lippold) in the Kitchen

Luke Lippold in the Continuum Pictures Thriller Taught in Cold Blood

Actors: Luke Lippold, Sara Drust, Mesindo Pompa, Justin Hoffmeister

Shots from Taught in Cold Blood are seen in the reel. Danny Torres, Continuum Pictures

IMDB: Taught In Cold Blood

P. David Miller IMDB

Danny Torres IMDB

Continuum Pictures IMDB

The WebTV series Produced by Frank Krueger, Wylie Small, Danny Torres, james Duval & Continuum Pictures


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