A Ramble of Thought

I recently have become aware of how personal everyone’s journey is in life. I have had the privilege of being on a close friends set recently. I have watched him direct, even write this thing that is now coming into being. I watched his journey through difficulties that would have destroyed most people and their dreams.

I have known other directors as well.  There seems to be one consistent characteristic, backbone.  Those with backbone seem to ultimately make it. I cannot judge others journey only the results.  If in the end your journey takes you where you want to go, then it is good. But, if your actions leave you with nothing, then it is bad.

The trick to making it in the film business is keep going no matter what happens or what people say. Be yourself, be the best of yourself that you can be.

Once again I feel lucky and blessed  because of the people I have known, and get to work with. I love making movies and I love the people who make movies. The little stuff like, malcontents as Salvador Dali would call them, or the deals that fall apart or even the deals that go forward are all minor bumps in the road.

All I know is if I can do it, honestly anyone can. All they need to do have a backbone and never quit.


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