The Continuum Pictures Killing Machine takes off in Taught In Cold Blood


P. David Miller and Danny Torres on The Continuum Pictures thriller

Taught in Cold Blood has been a project in development with Darien Harte, writer/producer. Darien Harte brought the project to us mid 2009. Darien wrote the initial script. Danny Torres and Darien handled rewrites up until about November 2009 when it was decided that the project was ready to go.

Once the script was given the okay, Continuum Picturesbegan casting. We knew that our female lead would be Robin Quinn Trudeau (Amy), a young actress with amazing talent. Most of her acting career previously had been on the stage, having performed internationally. Originally another actor had been chosen to play Cameron. During preparations he was cast to be on the

Nicky Korba young rising star: Taught in Cold Blood & The Absents

TV show The Gate. Luke Lippold came in to read for the part. He was amazing and it was decided he would take the lead role as Cameron.  Loydene Williamson was chosen to play Cameron’s mother. The final role left was that of Tony. Mesindo Pompa became available in October 2010 and it was decided to go with the Mano a Mano star.


James Duval Continuum Pictures: from Mano a Mano:

James Duval and Danny Torres, both taking the Executive Producer role, chose producers on the project from within the ranks of Continuum/Filmplane. Scott Hayman (Wrestling Days), Darien Harte and Tyler Ross (Convict) were chosen to produce this Continuum Pictures thriller. Mark Lillig (The Hangman) one of the founders of Continuum Pictures was chosen to be the director of photography.

All that was left was the director. This took us some time. We considered our own in-house team, but felt that we were looking for someone who could bring out the talent of the actors in this dark story.

Director P. David Miller, Justin Hoffmeister and Sara Drust on the Taught In Cold Blood: Danny Torres DP/Producer

Ultimately after camera testing the scenes and looking at the potential of the project, it was decided to go with P. David Miller, who had been in previous Continuum Pictures features, as a fight and stunt choreographer, second unit director and star. P. David had previously been slated to direct the Filmplane feature Terror Form in late 2011.

Update April 2011: Unfortunately do to scheduling conflicts, Robing Trudeau part as Amy had to be recast. Fortunately for the production an amazing young actress named Sara Drust was cast in the part. Sara brings a wonderful personality and talent to the project.

Additionally: In April 2011 Scott Hayman took over a chief producer on the project: Casting includes Justin Hoffmeister, Richard Scott, Justin Cone, Bryant Arthur, Jorge Toche, Colin McGurk, Nicky Korba, Bethany Braun and Vance Fannin.

May 2011: Diversity Pictures Producer Lawrence Williams came on as an Executive Producer


Lawrence Williams: Diversity Pictures

Taught In Cold Blood: Facebook Page
Continuum Pictures: Facebook Page
Filmplane: Facebook Page 


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