The Origins Continuum Pictures

Produced by Danny Torres, Scott
Hayman: Continuum Pictures Release

In late 2005 a group of us from the San Francisco Bay area meet in a Cafe in Santa Monica. We met for a purpose, to decide where our film careers were going. Some of us had known and worked with each other since 1991. Others had only known each other since 2004. The one thing we had in common is we wanted to make movies.
In 1991 James Duval and Mark Lillig met at San Francisco State University. Upon meeting they decided to be friends. James made it simple he wanted to learn to make movies, and Mark was going to teach him. James had already written a screenplay, a horror film called Bloodless Scream. In 1994 they met a special effects genius by the name of Devon Ryan. Devon taught them one basic principle that became the foundation of their careers. “Ask for what you want.” Devon came on board as head of special effects on their project, not only bringing his years of experience but his Fx team as well.
Mark Lillig director Bloodless Scream, Produced by
Loydene Williamson, James Duval Continuum Pictures

In 1997 Mark Lillig and James Duval met Richard Scott was attending San Francisco State University studying acting,  and Tyler Ross, who was attending the art school CCAC for film.. Together they formed what was to become Independent Image Entertainment (IIE). IIE went on to shoot a number of features, music videos and music commercials, with some airing internationally.
Wrestling Days director Dan Albract
Producers Danny Torres, Scott Hayman
©Continuum Pictures

In 2004 Scott Hayman and Danny Torres, both of whom attended and later graduated from UC Berkeley, joined the team  as producers on Wrestling Days a film about the challenges of high school wrestling, life, values and what happens when a girl joins the team. First time director and graduate from UC Berkeley Daniel Albract directed Wrestling Days.  Scott Hayman starred and produced the project. Danny Torres after a short time on the project became lead producer. 

Danny Torres, P. David Miller: Continuum Pictures

Upon completion of Wrestling Days, Danny Torres lead the journey into the next IIE project Troubadours, once again directed by Dan Albracht. During the shooting of Troubadours, both Scott Hayman and Danny Torres became partners in IIE. Additionally Danny was chosen head of the company by the pre-existing partners all older than himself. 

The reasons for these were simple. Danny possessed the skills to take IIE and turn it into a studio level production company. Under his leadership, No Strings Attached directed by Mark Lillig, Wrestling Days, directed by Daniel Albract, Troubadours directed by Dan Albracht, and Ten Cents Short directed by newcomer Austin Anderson, were completed and ultimately distributed. 

Continuum Pictures
Danny Torres, James Duval, Mark Lillig
Tyler Ross, Scott Hayman, Richard Scott
2005 © Continuum Pictures

It was in late 2005 after long conversations in the IIE office in Oakland California, it was decided to hold a meeting in Los Angeles where movies were made, and make a decision. 

It was decided to leave the indie roots of the bay area, form a new company to handle production and distribution. It was also decided that from that point forward every project served one purpose, to move the company and its team in to studio level productions. Continuum Pictures was formed in December 2005 for this purpose. In January 2006 the bay area team began its move to Los Angeles. By April 2006 the entire team from the bay area, including Quan Tran, Mark Lillig, Austin Anderson, Scott Hayman, Richard Scott, Tyler Ross and James Duval.
Danny Torres on Three Bad Men, Blake Beaudette
©Continuum Pictures

Initial production began on the shooting of Three Bad Men, directed by Danny Torres. After a short time, the production was halted due to an opportunity to actually begin moving on a studio project, brought to them by Stephen Langford. Continuum Pictures began its first foray with the studios shortly thereafter. 

Directed by Jason Durdon Produced by
James Duval Danny Torres Continuum Pictures

Production on Continuum Pictures own projects restarted mid 2007, with productions on Convict, Sabor Tropical which was shot in Panama and directed by Jorge AmeerThe Absent, Ocean Front Property and Mano a Mano. Additionally postproduction was completed on Troubadours during this time, and House of Adam directed by Jorge Ameer was reposted. 

Danny Torrs Don Scribner Two Rooms in the Valley
Continuum Pictures

Also during this time Filmplane Entertainment was born to replace Independent Image Entertainment, and to continue to be an outlet for indie and beginning filmmakers. Two Rooms in The Valley was shot with the assistance of the Continuum Pictures/Filmplane team and later released by Filmplane through 

Produced by Danny Torres, James Duval
Continuum Pictures

Now here it is late 2010 and The Continuum Pictures team has survived, maintain their friendship, added new friends and partners such as Jason Durdon who now heads Fiilmplane, completed over seven features, 10 major shorts, some of which like Midnight Snack, Thirteen or so Minutes, No Words and Chase have gone on to win awards, acceptance and even distribution. 

Danny Torres & Dan Albracht early 2005 Troubadours
picture taken by Bonnie Steiger: Continuum Pictures

The one thing that separates the Continuum Pictures team from others, who try to make the move into the film business, is their understanding that no one makes a movie by themselves. They have stuck with the decision to work together and make it together. Under Danny Torres direction Continuum Pictures has grown to be able to not only produce the studio level project but also handle every aspect of distribution.


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