Continuum Pictures: Why Pete Rose and 4192 and what does it say to beginning or struggling filmmakers.

Why Pete Rose and 4192 and what does it say to beginning or struggling filmmakers.

Originally posted in August 2010

I would strongly suggest adding the Pete Rose documentary 4192 to your Netflix list if you are a filmmaker. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to see it here at its Los Angeles premier. Pete Rose’s journey in baseball parallels so many of the experiences of those who have made it. I have had the fortunate opportunity to know many peoples journeys in this business and you cannot honestly communicate to people what it is that gave them their success. Pete Rose’s journey talks about little details, little decisions that led him to becoming the “Hit King”

I remember watching him on our black and white TV in Alaska. I remember being inspired and sometimes shocked at what I saw. I also remember the drive at which he approached his game. It is that drive that I am talking about. So please note I have nothing to do with this film. I just think filmmakers need to see it. If you are not really doing the things Pete did to get there, then you probably are seeing the results.

Watch it, you will not be disappointed. I feel you will be inspired.



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