Continuum Pictures and its Journey

When we arrived in Los Angeles in January 2006 we had a plan, a new company called Continuum Pictures and a goal. We were here to make movies.  Danny Torres had taken over the helm of IIE nearly two years earlier pushing though the completion of IIE’s projects No Strings Attached, Wrestling Days and Troubadours. We felt we had learned all we could doing independent films.

Our plan was to find a way to make studio level films. We focused on relationships and projects. Like most people we found an entire group of people who “knew” how to do it. They had projects that had names “attached” and paperwork to show it. We approached these projects very hesitantly but did some initial work with them and found as ALL new arriving producers do, that they are not attached and two everyone in town had seen the project. Our worse yet, the attachments were all these “producers” who would attach themselves to every project, making the impossible to finance. I still get to this day projects that we passed on four years ago, with a whole new set of producers who have no idea how long this project has been around.

The other thing we found in town was people who actually love moves, such as David Scruggs who in many ways has become a moral compass to how we relate to the studios.  We listened and learned. It turns out people actually want to make movies and treat people right. Meeting the right person is key in having the journey you want. Danny Torres and I immediately embraced David’s understanding. Here was someone who loved what we wanted to be.

Continuum Pictures, has spent as a team years trying to understand what we want. We want the big film, the film that excites people and makes them feel good. We also want to make the film for everyone else. So along the way we have made some Jorge Ameer films as a producer and director, including having shot and posted Sabor Tropical, which we shot in Panama. Austin Anderson was our Producer, DP and front man on that project. We have done made some Branden Blinn projects, which have won in festival and like Sabor Tropical shown worldwide.  We support women’s films having produced and distributed films like No Words and Mitsein.

To keep ourselves grounded in filmmaking and to always be shooting we created Filmplane (Short for Filmplane Entertainment), which was to take over IIE’s old role as on any format at any budget, just shoot it. Filmplane has now grown into our strong indie wing, shooting horror and niche market films. Jason Durdon now heads this.

We love films.  We love the studios. So far all of our experience in the studio system have been positive, and helpful. Thank you David.

Danny Torres, David Scruggs and myself work to keep our moral compass about the movies. Glam, Glitz and all the fun are only important if you have something to show.

We now feature films to show, Mano a Mano, a Spanish language thriller, The Absent a horror thriller, Convict a dramatic thriller, Ocean Front Property a romantic comedy, Mitsein a drama, Redemption: The Darkness Descending KoldCast TV series, and more including prize winning short films like No Words and Thirteen or So Minutes. The list goes on.

I am grateful now as I set and think about this journey for meeting Mark Lillig in the lunchroom at San Francisco State, for teaching how simple it really is. I am thankful for the team that has stuck together for years and for the journey we are about to embark on. Quan Tran, Tyler Ross, Richard Scott, Jason Durdon, David Scruggs, Danny Torres, Austin Anderson, Chelese Belmont, Blake Beaudette,  and the list goes on. Thank you all.


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