There is no “I” in Team but there is One in Bite Me

On Set: Cider Springs Slaughter

That is a quote from Troubadours (This is a line from Danny Torres) but I think it describes what I feel is the most important first step; picking your team. I cannot emphasize this hard enough. Pick your team. Pick it well. Stick with it until you ALL make it.

This has been the secret of our success here at Continuum Pictures. Most of my team has been with us for more than ten years, the younger half of the team, over six years. Some of us have been together nearly twenty years.

You don’t have to always like your team, or even respect them, but you have to stick with them. I am fortunate that I do respect and like my team, but I consider that a bonus.

As a team choose a leader coordinate through them and follow them as you would Julius Caesar. Someone has to be responsible for the decisions. So decide stick with them and make it possible. This is the formula that works no matter what level you start with.

Next know your projects are NOT good yet and work as a team to make them better. You know you are in trouble when you start patting yourself on the back about your brilliance. If you have not been handed the BIG budget you are probably not brilliant yet. But as a team you can become brilliant.

Now on team work. The work of the team is to get ONE man through the door so he can hold it open so that the rest of you can slip through. This is where teams break up. Filmmakers are by nature “please pay attention to me people” and as such this is the hardest part. As a team you must pay attention to ONE person and get them through.

Now on credits: build your credits honestly. If you are producing take the credit. If you are co-producing take the credit. Next no matter how bad it is show it, suffer the shame but do better. Because even if it is bad, you have done something most people cannot do. That is, finishing a film. Even the studios make bad movies, your just getting yours out-of-the-way.

Once again PICK YOUR TEAM and make it happen.


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